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Romsons Aerosol Therapy - AEROMAC PLUS


Quick Overview

Features :
* An ultra compact compressor nebulizer system.
* Equipped with nebulizer accessories for delivering quality aerosol.
* Star lumen tube ensures continuous flow of air.
* Light portable compressor weighing only 1.6 kg.
* Air outlet port allows easy fixation with star lumen tubing.
* Kit consists of : Compressor, Nebulizer cup, Tubing, Aerosol Masks (adult & child), *T* & mouth piece.
Shelf Life: 3 - 5 years
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Specifications :
* Aerosol therapy is administered to deliver breathing medication directly to the surface of the respiratory tract and lungs.
* This is accomplished by breaking down the medication into a very fine mist so that it can be easily and effectively inhaled.
* AEROMAC provides effective nebulization by converting the liquid medication into fine mist which can be easily inhaled and gives instant relief to the user.
* The unique design is pleasing to the eye.


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