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RMD BT-260FS Biochemical Analyzer

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Technical specification :
• Optics :340,405,505,546,578,620,670nm,one more optional filter
• Light source :halogen 6v/10W
• Resolution :0.001Abs
• Photometric range :0.000-3.000Abs
• Stability of absorbency :changes<0.005 Abs per hour
• Repeatability:cv≤0.5%
• Carry over : ≤1%
• Linearity: R≥0.999
• Flow cell: 32µl with peltier temperature control (25̊c,30 ̊c,37 ̊ c)
• Display :7” TFT LCD
• Printer : Built in thermal printer
• Data communication: RS-232,sd card and usb
• CPU: High speed embedded processor
• Power supply: AC 100-240v,50/60Hz
• Weight :7kg
• Dimension (mm):420(L)*310(W)*152(H)
GMDN: 47868
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Friendly interface: • Windows CE.NET operation system • Angle adjustable LCD and touch screen (optional) • Built-in printer and external printer(optional ) • Usb mouse,virtual screen keyboard and built in membrane keboard • Connect PC via RS-232 to transfer and print the data. Measure System : • End Point ,kinetics,two-point and absorbance • Immunity nephelometery measure method • Regent blank and sample blank • Multi standard (Linear or non-linear ) • Memory for reagent blank Flow Cell/Cuvette: • 32µl quartz flow cell • Built in bottom position localizer • Two holder for cuvette/flow cell • Peltier temperature contol Optical System : • Halogen Tungsten lamp • Automatic by 8 Positions filter Wheel • 7 filters(340nm-670nm)plus 1 free position Powerful Software: • Power on self –check and malfunction alarm • Lamp automatic protection ,user define setting time • Real time absorbance curve and temperature display • Open system for reagent • Support on-line printing • Multiform reports by project ,patient or history data • Support user define template test


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