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Riester RVS 200 Wall Diagnostic System

Quick Overview

• 3 measurement modes (Monitor, Spot-check, Triage)
• High-sensitivity 8” TFT colour touch screen with self-explanatory user interface and integrated help-function
• Displays SYS, DIA, MAP, Pulse, Temp, Plethysmogram
• Clinical grade NIBP* including averaging mode
• Programmable NIBP averaging mode (2-5 readings)
• Riester, Masimo* or Nellcor* Oximax SpO2
• Predictive Thermometer (Filac 3000)
• Connectivity with the EMR-follows the HL7 standard
• LAN Connectivity as standard
• Programmable alarms (audible, visible) with 3 priority levels
• Supports nurse call RJ11 port
• Available as wall, desk and floor model
• Can be expanded to wall diagnostic station
• Internal memory for 5,000 measurements
• Lithium-ion battery with up to 17 hours ON time
• Power supply for up to 3 diagnostic handles
• Maintenance-free HighPerformance LED illumination
• Wide range of EENT ri-scope L instruments
• Integrated Specula dispenser
• Easy and discrete mounting

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Accessories supplied with monitor:
• NIBP extension tube
• 2 cuffs (adult & adult large incl. connectors)
• SpO2 sensor adult
• SpO2 extension cable
• Oral temperature probe
• Probe cover


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