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Rexton Targa Plus Hp Hearing Aid

Quick Overview

* Programmable, 4-channel digital signal processing
* 4 compression channels
* 4 frequency bands
* Background noise reduction
* Feedback cancellation
* Up to three individual listening programs.
* Direct audio input ready, compatible with most FM systems (audio shoe accessory required)
* Manual volume control wheel
* Push-button control to cycle through your individual listening programs.
* Standard telephone coil (t-coil)
* Standard directional microphone
* Size 675 battery
* Available Colors -- Beige/ Black

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Rexton Bte Targa Plus Hp With Four Channel And Four Band It Virtually Eliminates Feedback Without Affecting Sound Quality Directional Microphone Most Effective Way To Improve Your Understanding Of Speech In Noisy Environments Noise Reduction


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