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Rexton Bte Joy 6 2C S Hearing Aid

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* Joy 2C Technology Includes:
* Soft Level Focus
* 2C Compression
* Multi-Channel Mpo
* Smart Automatic Environment Manager
* 2C Feedback Preventer
* 2C Automatic Noise Reduction
* Wireless Assistant
* Telecoil
* Remote Control Compatible
* Securetec Nano Coating

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Rexton Bte Joy 6 2C S Robust. Refined. Reliable. Hearing Solutions For Everyone. Joy 2C Is The Newest Member Of Rexton S Twincore Product Portfolio. From The Robust Securetec Housing To The Reliable, State-Of-The-Art Features  Joy 2C S Refined Sound Brings The Utmost In Comfort And Natural Sound To Any Listening Situation You Encounter. The Laughter And Sounds Of family And Friends Will Be Closer Than Ever Thanks To A Full Line Of Stylish Options. Joy 2C Hearing Aids Offer Features That Work Together To Provide Comfortable Listening In Any Setting. Visit Your Local Hearing Health Professional For An Evaluation.


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