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Rexton Bte Finesse 18 2C M Hearing Aid

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* Hd Microphone
* Automatic Focus 360°
* Soft Level Focus
* Automatic Environment Manager
* 2C Feedback Preventer
* 2C Automatic Noise Reduction
* Securetec Nano Coating
* C-Grid Wax Protection System
* Wireless Assistant
* Telecoil
* Green & Easy Charger
* Blu Link

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Rexton Finesse 18 2C M Bte Effortless High-Definition Sound Provided By Powerful Twincore Technology And Luxurious, Sophisticated Features. Sophistication At Its Best, Finesse Offers The Best In Today S Hearing Technology  From Our Luxurious Hd Speech To Our Top-Notch Blu Link Connectivity. Finesse Is Backed By Powerful Twincore Technology And Designed For Wearers Looking For It All  Rich, Luxurious Sound, Sophisticated Features; And A Compact, Modern Housing Finesse 2C Hearing Aids Offer Premium Features That Work Together To Provide Comfortable Listening In Any Setting.


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