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Respironics Lifecare PLV-102 Ventilator (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Use in hospital, sub-acute care and chronic care settings for transport and in the home
* Small size and light weight ideal for mobile patients in wheelchairs, cars, and RVs
* Capable of ventilating pediatric to adult patients
* With F102 requirements up to 90%
* Provides volume or pressure ventilation

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Specifications :
* This lightweight ventilator is well suited for transport and portable applications.
* Controlled by a microprocessor, the piston-driven PLV-102 delivers volume ventilation in a range of settings.
* Digital Displays:
o Tidal Volume
o I:E Ratio
o Respiratory Rate
o InspiratoryFlow Rate
* Alarm Interface Capabilities:
o Remote Alarm
o Pressure Alarm
o Hospital/Nurse Call System
* Three Modes Of Operation:
o Control
o Assist-Control
o Spontaneous Intermittent Ventilation (SIMV)
* Multiple Power Sources:
o 120 VAC/240 VAC
o 12 VDC external capabilities (up to 20 hours)
o Internal battery (1 hour fully charged)


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