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ResMed Stellar 100 Ventilator

Quick Overview

Features :
* Mobility and portability: equips patients for therapy on the move with an internal battery, an optional external battery The device takes less time to install or setup giving outstanding performance for daily blood and fluid warming.
* High oxygen delivery: the device can use up to 30 L/min of oxygen, so a high FiO2 can be reached.
* Removable, replaceable air path: for easier and quicker device cleaning and servicing, minimising any down-time.
* Two hours capacity at EPAP 5 cm H2O, IPAP 15 cm H2O, 20 bpm 2
* Eight hours capacity per battery at EPAP 5 cm H2O, IPAP 15 cm H2O, 20 bpm.
* Vsync and TiControl: proven technologies work together providing control and flexibility to improve ventilation, comfort and sleep; these unique features offer better disease management, increased patient comfort and therapy acceptance as the patient s breathing is more  in sync with their device.

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* Internal battery: Lithium-ion, 2 hours at EPAP 5, IPAP 15, 20 bpm
* Power supply : AC 100 240V 50 60Hz, 2.2A, AC 110V 400Hz, 2.2A DC 24V/3A
* Recharge time: 4 hours from fully empty to fully charged.
* Modes: S/T (Spontaneous/Timed), PAC (Pressure Assisted Control), CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), S (Spontaneous), T (Timed).
Pressure range
* IPAP: 2 40 cm H2O
* EPAP: 2 25 cm H2O
* Respiratory Rate: 5 60 bpm
* Rise Time : Min, 150 900 msec (approx.)
* Trigger and Cycle : Five sensitivity setting
* Dimensions (L x W x H): 230 x 170 x 120 mm
* Weight:2.1 kg
* Air filter: Electrostatic fibre mesh


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