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REMI Refrigerated Centrifuge for Blood Bank

Quick Overview

  • Specially designed buckets to support hemodynamics for optimized component separation
  • Safety features: door interlock, imbalance cut-off & over-speed protection
  • Option to centrifuge by setting either RPM or RCF (speed accuracy +10rpm)
  • High-resolution LCD monitor for better operational controls
  • Extra powered motor for noise & vibration-free performance
  • Menu-driven 51 program memory with tamper-proof facility
  • Supports large capacity rotor to process 12 blood bags
  • Large viewing window port to see through carriers
  • Lid placement (away from the center) to avoid accidents
  • Vacuumized jacks for vibration-free operations
  • Convenient motorized door opening & closing
  • RS-485 port for network & PC connectivity
  • 9 Acceleration & 10 deceleration profiles
  • Temperature range setting -20°C to 40°C
  • Two pre-cooling programs (4°C / 22°C)
  • Time setting up to 99 minutes
  • Key lock for authorized access

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Model KBM 80 PLUS
Max. Speed 4200 rpm
Max. RCF 6000 a
Width 840 mm
Depth 940 mm
Height 350 mm
Recommended Line Voltage Corrector 6 KVA


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