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REMI Environmental Test Chambers

Quick Overview

  • Built in safety circuit, which cuts off system & stops unit in case of malfunction of  microprocessor
  • Centronics interface for keeping hard copy of temp., humidity, time & date
  • Capacitance type humidity sensor for direct display of humidity in % RH
  • Audio visual alarm warnings of temp. & RH variation and low water level
  • Non volatile memory for data storage of up to 2500 records
  • High voltage safety cutoff for unit protection
  • Digital display of temperature & humidity
  • Menu driven 10 program memory
  • User friendly microprocessor design/operation
  • Safety thermostat to prevent over heating
  • Adjustable print interval
  • Optional :
  • RS-485 Interface to personal computer for multiple networking of chambers
  • Chamber illumination with fluorescent or ultra violet lights
  • Cyclic timer for regulating illumination conditions

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Product Overview:
  • Remi Environmental Test Chambers are used for conducting corrosion tests on mechanical assemblies, electronic & electrical components, test on paints & varnishes, packages, cement plants, and numerous other applications owing to their accuracy in operations.
Product Code 2
Model No. CHM-6S
Humidity 40% To 95%
Temperature 5 To 60 °C
Material Stainless Steel
Application Lab Use
Color Off White
Internal Volume 170 Liters
No. Of Shelves 2
Int. Dimensions 500x410x840 mm (WxDxH)
Ext. Dimensions 620x670x1380 mm (WxDxH)
Temperature Control Microprocessor
Temperature Range 10oC To 60oC + 1oC
Humidity Range 40% To 95% + 3%
Internal Body Material Stainless Steel 304 (AISI Grade, Non Corrosive, Non Magnetic)
External Body Material Powder Coated CRCA Steel
Recommended Voltage Stabilizer VS - 04
Electrical 220-240 volts, 50 Hz, Single Phase


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