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REMI Emulsifiers and Homogenizers

Quick Overview

  • Specially designed brushless AC variable speed emulsifier driven by frequency inverter to ensure reproducible speed with any load
  • The user has a choice of selecting from AC Drive or AC/DC Drive with stepless speed regulations for continuous variation of speed as per requirements
  • With step-less speed regulations for continuous variation of speed as per requirements
  • Glass homogenizing cup with rod supplied as standard
  • These units are with AC / DC motor, these units are 3 bladed impeller (optional saw cutter) housed in flange type cage
  • Chuck to hold shaft upto 10 mm dia. fitted with teflon grinding pestle (50 ml)
  • Steady & constant speed ideal for solutions that change viscosity during mixing
  • Emulsifier has built-in digital RPM indicator for process validation and reproducibility
  • Optional digital speed indicator for precise setting of speed
  • Suitable for homogenizing of tissues at high speed available

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Product Overview:
  • Remi Homogenizers And Emulsifiers is designed for homogenization, emulsification and dispersion and mixing of fluids at high speed
Model No. RQ-127/D
Stirling Shaft 8x240 mm (Length)
Impeller 4 Cross Blade
Motor AC/DC 1/8 HP
Speed 300-6000 rpm (Min-Max)
Stirring Capacity:
Type Of Fluid Water
Max Volume 8 Liters
Supply 220-240, Volts 50 Hz. Single Phase


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