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REMI Chest Freezer Minus 25 C

Quick Overview

  • Chest Freezers gives you up to -25°C instead of the conventional - 20° C. Equipped with digital display and alarm features these freezers give security needed for safe sample storage even at low temperatures.
  • Sealed drawers - prevent frost loss from open door
  • Solid state digital temperature controller with alarms
  • Adjustable baskets / shelves
  • Low energy consumption and noise levels
  • Quick freezing function

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Product Overview:
  • Remi Chest Freezer Minus 25 C is designed for quick freezing and storing of blood components, serum, vaccines, biological and medical specimens, clinical samples, etc. at low temperatures.
Model RFC-100
Capacity 108 (Litres)
Temperature Range 8°C ~ -25°C
No. Of Door (Solid) 1
Baskets / Shelves 1
External Dimension Width 610
External Dimension Depth 508
External Dimension Height 838
Door Type Single Door


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