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Raxon 3 Ball Spirometer


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* Three color-coded balls in each chamber provide a visual incentive for the patient.
Air flows into single channel, when it passes through the chamber; it raises each of the three balls depending on the flow inhaled per second.
* Di-assembled into parts for cleaning and disinfection.
Non-sterile, individually packed in a box.
* Compact, high quality break-resistant plastic
* 3-ball incentive spirometer
Deep Breathing Exerciser for comprehensive respiratory fitness
Helps achieve optimum lung capacity and restoring disrupted breathing patterns
Shelf Life: 1year
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* ABS for chamber
* PE for ball and mouthpiece
* EVA for tubing.
* Connecting tube with 12mm OD connector and mouth piece.
* Flow rates 600ml/sec, 900ml/sec, and 1200ml/sec by using different colors of ball for easy to identify the flow rates.

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