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Rakshak Microprocessor Base Fire Alarm Panel (4 Zone Fire Alarm panel)

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• The control panel of a FIRE ALARM SYSTEM is the central monitoring station where all signals are received and transmitted. It is imperative that the person responsible for taking action should know exactly where and what the problem is, as soon as he receives a signal from the panel. Given below are explanations of how to interpret the various lights and switches on the panel facia.How to read the panel: when the system is switched on and everything is in normal condition, the GREEN L.E.D. Indicating SYSTEM ON will light up on the panel facia. All other L.E.D's. on the facia will be OFF. • IN CASE OF FIRE in any particular zone, the control panel either receives the signal automatically through Detectors or Manually through Manual Call Point. This signal is then translated in to an AUDIO AND VISUAL alarm by the panel. The two RED L.E.D's. of the particular zone will light up an intermittent buzzer in the panel is activated. This buzzer is known as PANEL AUDIBLE ALARM. • After the alarm has been registered, pressing the ALARM CANCEL push button momentarily cansilence the panel audible alarm. However the visual indication (2 Red LED's) will remain steady ON. • After identifying the zone on FIRE, the Fire Marshall can take necessary preventive action to suppress the fire. • Once the fire has been extinguished & the situation is normal, the system can be reset to its normal position by pressing RESET push button momentarily. • However is an automatic detection system, if the heat or smoke is still present, the alarm will be reactivated and can be reset only after the cause for the alarm i.e. heat or smoke is removed completely. • In case the fire spreads to another zone, the panel audible alarms reactivates and the L.E.D's. of the affected zone lights up. This is due to the repetitive alarm facility provided in the panel. • In case of a manual system, the smashed glass in the call point has to be replaced before

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Specifications :-
• Power supply input :- 230v, 50hz
Battery backup :- 24v, 7ah
Operating voltage :- 24v
• Batt. Charger :- constant voltage
End of line :- 4.7k w
• Normal panel current :- 300ma
Panel alarm current : 400ma
• Warranty: 12 months from the date of supply against manufacturing defects.
• Warranty is void against any power supply malfunction or physical damage to the equipment


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