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Quick Autoclave from Runyes


Quick Overview

Featues :
* Vapor generation and boiler heating are separated
* To separate the vapor generation and boiler heating, we adopt steam generator to produce steam, which can humanly control the speed and quantity of steam, thus saving water.
* In addition, service life is greatly increased with heating circle, owning to temperature-down of the boiler.
* Multipoint control of Vapor generation
* With multipoint control, over-pressure is reduced to a great extent, sterilization state becomes much stable, and the time needed to enter sterilization is greatly reduced.
* Fuzzy control of the boiler heating and preservation
* Adopting the technology of fuzzy control, it is much precise, and the temperature positive and negative deviation can be controlled within 0.5
* Automatical & manual adjust of the parameters of temperature sensor.
* The adjust of parameters is automatical, and manual adjust is also available on your will.
* Adjustable date&time mode
* The date & time mode can be adjusted on your will, ranging of 100 years.
Shelf Life: 1 Year
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Specifications :
* light indicator the whole process
* special for dental handpieces
* 6 mintues fast sterilization with drying system


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