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Precimed Aaesthesia Boyles machine (Classic 206) (SS)

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• Stainless Steel Powder-Coated Trolley on Castors with Brake
• Six Cylinder Capacity, Two 02 & Two N20 5 Ltr Water Capacity and Two 10 Liter Water Capacity Cylinders at rear
• Standard Two-Tube Rota meter (230mm long) for 02 & N20
• Goldman type Halothane Vaporizer
• Space for Two Extra Vaporizers
• N20 Interlocking
• Oxygen Failure Warning Device
• Pressure Relief cum Non-return Valve
• Changeover Unit with Emergency 02 Flush
• Standard Magill's Breathing Circuit
• Forged Regulators and Yoke Assembly
• Self-sealing type 02 Outlet at 60 psig

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• Precimed Aaesthesia Boyles machine (Classic 206) (SS)


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