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Bioline Portable Blood Bag Tube Sealer BBS2015 H

Quick Overview

* Lightweight, portable and heavy duty.
* Di-Electric heating without damaging the blood cells.
* Modern electronic system.
* Handgun ensures easy sealing process by just pressing the lever
* Extended sealing handgun with compatible RF Cable for extended use
* Anti-spark and overheat protection system to avoid damage to tubing
* Audio-visual indication for
* Ready to seal
* Seal process
* Power supply
* Easy to remove sealing head cap (splash guard) for quick cleaning
* Seal with clear break line for snap-apart separation Consistent seal quality
* Sealer runs on both mains and battery (more than 10hrs back up and charger).
* High performance rechargeable battery ensures a capacity for more than 1000 seals with single charge.
* No warm up time required.
* Easy separation of tube segments after the sealing.
* Electrodes are protected by a cover.
* Sealing time adjustable from 0.5 seconds
* Back up battery and seal more than 1000 seals on PVC-tubes in continuous mode with fully charge battery.
* Suitable auto voltage corrector with spike protector available.

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* Dimension (W x D x H) (mm): 180x280x125
* Weight (Kg): 3.1
* Oscillation Frequency: 40.68 MHZ
* Batteries: 2x12 V 2 Ah
* Battery Safety: Overload Protection
* Effect Consumption: 120 W Max. Effect
* Sealing Time: Adjustable 0.5 -3 Sec
* Output Effect: 90W/ 50 Ohm Max.
* Recharging time: 4 hr
* Seal / Charge: 1000 seals (with auto adjustable seal time)
* Sealing Type: Automatic by pressing the button
* EEC Standard: Class 1 (93/42 and 47/2007 MDD)
* Power Voltage: 150-240 V, 50Hz
* Ref Standard: E 60601-1 3rd edition of electric safety( for medical equipment
* Classification: Protection against electric shock


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