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Polysure MODCVC Central Venous Access Catheter, Triple Lumen, 5.5FR/22G(P)-20G(D)-22G(M) (Length: 160 mm)


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* Used for catheterization of vena cava with Seldinger method. It is also used to administer fluid and medication
* Sterile single use catheter. Individually tray packed in hard blister pack
Soft Tip PU Indwelling Catheter:
* Central Venous Catheter is manufactured from specially formulated and bio-compatible PU (Polyure-thane) material
* With its excellent tensile strength to weight ratio, this PU catheter provides firmness during insertion and advancement into veins, and softens upon warming to body temperature reducing vein trauma
* The softer and specially designed tapered tip of the catheter ensures easier insertion
* Radio-opaque catheter with clear and definite marking facilitates precise placement of the catheter tip
* Specially designed color coded female connector for male luer fitting for easy identification of fluid line
* Fixation wing at the channel junction for securing the catheter
J-Tip Guide Wire:
* Kink proof, specially designed J-Tip Guide wire with soft tip prevents vessel perforation during catheter placement
* Soft flexible J-Tip wire also provides suitable torque for firm insertion
* Both ends of the guide wire are finished with rounded tips for smoothness, and welded to the guide wire for extra strength
* Ergonomically designed dispenser for safe and easy use to provide safety and easiness to user
Y Introducer Needle:
* Easy to operate and precisely designed
* Offered scope of Y Shape Introducer Needle is made with the best quality bio-compatible material
* Y Shape obtuse needle valve of this needle aides in controlling the flow of liquid and prevents blood misfortune
* Sharp needle point results in trouble-free cut and its smooth divider lowers the resistance of propelling the guide wire
Tissue Dialator and Clamp:
* Made of best quality bio-compatible material
* Specially designed for easy penetration to assist the guide wire during insertion
* Clamps are provided to stop the fluid flow when not required in extension line to avoid air embolism

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Triple Lumen:
Indweling Catheter:
* Specification: 5.5FR/22G(P)-20G(D)-22G(M)
* Length (mm): 160
Guide Wire:
* Dia (mm): 0.46
* Length (mm): 500
* Needle (G): 18G
* Tissue Dilator (Fr): 6FR
* Soft Tip PU Indwelling Catheter
* J-Tip Guide Wire with dispenser based upon Seldinger Tech
* Y-Shaped Introducer Needle
* Tissue Dilator
* Scalpel
* Syringe: 5ml
* Extension Line Clamp
* Clamp Fastener

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