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Polysure Ecoextt Extention Tube, Low Pressure (25 cm) 1201


Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Polysure Ecoextt Extention Tube is used for easy, a safe connection of the source of infusion & the patient during infusion therapy without any length restrictions.
Product Code 1201
Product Name Ecoextt
Suitable For Low Pressure
Inner Extension Tube Diameter 3.0 mm
Outer Extension Tube Diameter 4.1 mm
Tube Length 25 cm

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  • Multipurpose kink-resistant extension tube
  • One male luer lock at one end and female luer lock at other ends to connect to any infusion or transfusion device
  • ETO sterilized, single-use and non-pyrogenic
  • Optional features:
  • With Y injection port for extra medication
  • With or without clamp


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