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Polysure Ecocann N I.V Cannula with small wings and without Injection Port, 26G


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* Siliconised stainless steel, ultra sharp, back cut Japanese needle for pain free insertion
* Flexible small wings for easy and proper fixation for neonates
* FEP Radiopaque three striped catheter with smoother inner and outer surface and tapered tip to ensure friction less insertion
* Transparent flash back chamber to check instant venipuncture
* Bio-compatible material used for longer indwelling time
* Latex-free, PVC-free
* ETO Sterilized, Single Use and Non Pyrogenic

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* Size: 24G
* Color: Violet
* Catheter O.D (mm): 0.6
* Catheter Length (mm): 19
* Water Flow Rate (ml/min): 15
* Options Available: PUR Catheter


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