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Polysure Ecocann I.V. Cannula With Wings And Injection Port, 20G 1002


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Product Overview:
  • Polysure Ecocann I.V. Cannula With Wings And Injection Port is used for infusion of intravenous fluids and medicines.
Product Code 1002.0
Product Name Ecocann
Size 20G
Color Pink
Catheter O.D. 1.1 mm
Catheler Length 32 mm
Water Flow Rate 54 ml/min

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  • Siliconized stainless steel, ultra-sharp, back cut japanese needle for pain-free insertion
  • Flexible wide wings for easy and proper fixation
  • FEP radiopaque three-striped catheter with a smoother inner and outer surface and a tapered tip to ensure frictionless insertion
  • Transparent flashback chamber to check instant venipuncture
  • Injection port with non-return silicon valve and a color-coded cap for extra medication
  • Bio-compatible material used for longer indwelling time
  • Latex-free & PVC-free
  • ETO sterilized, single-use and non-pyrogenic
  • Optional features:
  • PUR catheter


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