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PMT Bed Side Locker Plain 1210A

Quick Overview

•PMT Bed side Locker Plain with Side Railing 1210A
•Shot blasted, chemically pre-treated and epoxy powder coated
•Supplied in SKDC

Optional &/or Accessory:
•Regular size bottle holder
•Towel hanger
•400 mm Lx 400 mm W x 850 mm H

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• CNC machine pressed & bent CRCA sheet cabinet mounted on 50 mm dianon-rusting castor wheels.
• One drawer at top of the locker mounted on imported telescopic sliding channel.
• Door fitted with door catcher.
• Two louvers in door for ventilation.
• Fixed conceal type handles.
• CNC machine pressed & bent Stainless Steel sheet on top of locker with three side railings.
• Towel hanger one side.


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