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Philips Respironics V60 Ventilator


Quick Overview

Features :
* High resolution graphics facilitating waveform interpretation
* Internal 6-hour battery enables intra-hospital transport (actual battery time will vary depending on user settings and battery charge level)
* Standby mode supports patient-clinician interaction without nuisance alarms
* Data communication capabilities support hospital connectivity
* Respi-Link, a remote communication tool, allows efficient system diagnostics and upgrades via internet.

* Hospital modes and options
- AVAPS S maintains a target tidal volume in a pressure-limited mode. It provides extra reassurance similar to a
volume limited mode with the advantages of a pressure-limited mode

- CPAP with C-Flex option offers three levels of flow-based expiratory pressure relief. This leads to enhanced sleep
quality and patient comfort, adding greater flexibility and improved treatment acceptance

- PCV can be used when full control of the patient’s breathing pattern is required

- Proportional Pressure Ventilation (PPV) provides inspiratory flow and pressure in proportion to the patient’s spontaneous effort,thus improving patient control over their ventilation

- Auto-Trak Plus is an option for a subset of patients who may benefit from a customized titration of triggering and
cycling criteria

* Advanced NIV with Auto-Trak:
- Auto-adaptive leak compensation
- Auto-adaptive inspiratory triggering
- Auto-adaptive expiratory cycling

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Specification :
Philips Respironics V60 Non-Invasive Ventilator
* General:
-Oxygen inlet pressure range: 276 – 600kPa (40 – 87psig)
- Weight: 11.7kg (25.7lb) with optional battery10.6kg (23.3lb)without optional battery
-Dimensions: 33.7cm (13.3in) height 39.4cm (15.5in) width 42.9cm (16.5in) depth

* Modes:
-Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
-Spontaneous with timed backup (S/T)
-Pressure control ventilation (PCV)
-Average volume assured pressure support (AVAPS)
-Proportional pressure ventilation (PPV)* – optional

* Patient types:
-Pediatric (≥20kg)


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