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Philips Respironics BiPAP ST with Humidifier

Quick Overview

Two trigger mechanisms for responsive therapy:
• Bi-level S (spontaneous) and S/T (spontaneous/timed) triggers respond on demand or automatically to deliver prescribed therapy
Bi-Flex technology enhances patient comfort:
• Bi-Flex pressure relief technology makes BiPAP therapy more like natural breathing by delivering pressure relief
Clinically proven algorithms for advanced event detection:
• Continually monitor and adjust to a patient's changing therapy needs with clinically proven algorithms, including the adjustable EPAP.
Heated tube for more flexibility and patient comfort:
• The BiPAP S/T System One heated tube humidifier has a temperature sensor at the end of the heated tube to deliver the selected level of humidity to the patient while providing protection against rainout. As a result, higher levels of humidity can be achieved for patients who could benefit from humidification.

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• Dimensions: 18 cm L x 14 cm W x 10 cm H (7* L x 5.5* W x 4* H)
• Pressure range: EPAP 4 - 25 cm H2O; IPAP 4 - 25 cm H2O; CPAP 4 - 20 cm H₂O
• Breath rate: 0 - 30 beats per minute
• Starting ramp: 4 to EPAPmin
• Flex pressure relief: 0 to 30 (S-mode)
• Weight without humidifier
• 1.36 (3) kg (lbs)


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