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Philips Invasive & Non Invasive Ventilator v680

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Microprocessor based Infant to Adult Ventilator Model V680 consisting of the
* Invasive and market-leading non invasive ventilation technologies
* Exceptional flexibility and ease of use  maximum value
* Focus on enhancing patient care
GMDN: 47244
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Advanced invasive and non-invasive ventilation
The V680 is a full-featured, cost-effective advanced critical care life support ventilator combined with our renowned non-invasive ventilation (NIV) technology. This breakthrough two-in-one ventilator allows:
* Switching from IV to NIV is fast and easy
* For adult and pediatric patients (5-20kg)
* Single- and Dual-limb circuits
Enhance patient care
The design of the Philips Respironics V680 puts enhanced patient care at the forefront. Features designed to help protect patients from harmful events associated with pressure spikes, loss of ventilation or undetected critical alarms include:
* Active control exhalation value
* Apnea modes
* Auto-escalating alarm
* Four-hour integrated battery

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