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Philips Heartstart XL (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

Features :
* The XL Base Model Defibrillator/Monitor Kit Includes:
* Manual and AED operation
* Multifunction Therapy Cable
* 3-Lead ECG monitoring with included monitoring pads or electrodes
* Selectable limits and alarms
* Liquid crystal display
* 50 mm strip chart printer with 2 rolls paper
* Data storage/event summary
* SLA battery w/AC Power Module and Test Load
* SMART Biphasic waveform for defibrillation

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Specifications :
* The Philips HeartStart XL defibrillator/monitor, weighing in at just under 14 pounds, is easily transported throughout the hospital to the site where cardiac care is needed.
* The Heartstart XL is a combination manual device with automated external defibrillator capabilities.
* The HeartStart XL enables the first caregiver on the scene to deliver lifesaving defibrillation therapy, whether they are an ALS or BLS clinician.
* In AED mode, voice prompts and text messages guide BLS users through the defibrillation process, while HeartStart XL continuously monitors and displays the patient s ECG.
* When the ALS personnel arrive, HeartStart XL is easily switched from AED to manual mode, thus allowing operators to access the unit s advanced therapeutic features such as selectable energy (from 2 to 200 Joules), non-invasive pacing (optional), SpO2 (optional) and synchronized cardioversion.


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