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Philips Heartstart XL Defibrillator (Refurbished)


Quick Overview

* Operation True 1-2-3 1-2-3 operation makes defibrillation intuitive for all users.
* AED mode voice and text prompts users through the defibrillation process.
* Pallets (optional) blades  Anterior/anterior adults become pediatrics by eliminating external contacts.
* Pediatric pads for defibrillation, ECG monitoring, pacing and synchronized cardioversion multifunction defibrillator pads  adult.
* Palettes internal paddles -Switch and sterilized without internal switch are designed to open chest defibrillation in the operating room.
* Lightweight, durable, grab and go  Less than 14 pounds (6.35 kg).
* Compact- Easily fits on a standard hospital stretcher.
* Rugged  withstands the rigors of hospital use and patient transport.

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* Philips Heartstart XL Defibrillator (Refurbished)


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