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Philips Goldway G30E Patient Monitor

Quick Overview

Features :
* Goldway patient monitoring systems offer best-in-class measurement capabilities in a compact, cost-effective monitor.
* 10.4 display with flexible display modes. Their intuitive menus, fixed key access, and bright color screen were all designed for maximum ease of use.
* Goldway Patient Monitors support a wide array of clinical settings, from ICUs to ERs, general medicine, and more.
* The devices can be used across adult, pediatric, and neonatal populations.
* Provides useful information displays such as OCRG (oxycardiorespirogram), large number display, 7-lead ECG display, and dynamic trend display to meet varying clinicians needs.
* Comes standard with LAN networking capabilities for facilities looking to create a network with a central monitoring system or require data output in HL7 format.
* Each monitor stores up to 1200 hours of trend data for each parameter, 600 sets of NIBP readings, and 120 minutes of ECG review data a great advantage for facilities that don t have a central monitoring system.

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Specification :
* Goldway G30 delivers time-sensitive data about cardiac and respiratory conditions.
* In addition to basic monitoring parameters, such as 3/5 lead ECG, RESP, NIBP, TEMP, and Philips SpO2/PR, the G30 provides ST and arrhythmia monitoring as standard, invasive blood pressure and microstream etCO2 monitoring as options.


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