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Philips Effica 120 Patient Monitor

Quick Overview

Features :
* Readiness:
The Efficia DFM120 signals its readiness with an active, flashing hourglass that shows the results of automated self tests, and front-panel LEDS that indicate power status giving you a clear indication the device is ready for immediate use.
* Response:
The Efficia DFM120 is small, lightweight and easy to carry with optional ruggadized, wrap-around carrying case  you can rapidly bring the device to the patient s side.
* Defibrillation:
Intuitive controls and clear voice prompts guide you through the steps of defibrillating the patient, with AED mode for basic life support providers. Advanced life support providers can choose therapeutic options using the SmartSelect knob to navigate quickly to deliver defibrillation or pacing therapy to the patient.
* Monitoring:
The Efficia DFM120 uses the same ports for clinical measurements as Philips patient monitors, so no time is wasted applying different lead sets and cables to the patient on arrival in the hospital.
* Handover:
The Efficia DFM120 collects and trends data for up to 8 hours of continuous monitoring, for incident documentation and case review.

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Specification :
* Dimensions : 25cm( H) x33 cm(W) x 18 cm(D)
* Weight (with no battery) : < 5.0 kg (11.0 lbs)
* Display Touch Screen : LCD with 5-wire resistive touch screen
* Non-touch Screen : WXGA LCD display
* Screen Size : 12.1 in.
* Resolution : 1280 active pixels/line, 800 active lines/frame
* Viewing Angle : The side-to-side viewing angle of the display is approximately ± 15 degrees
* Audio Range : 45 dB  85 dB ± 3 dB tolerance
* System Response Time : 1 second
* Internal Battery : 9-cell or 3-cell Lithium ion Smart Battery 10.8V  11.1V.
* Power Supply : Internal, 100 VAC - 240 VAC line voltage.
* SpO2 Measurement Range : 0%  100%
* SpO2 Resolution : 1%.


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