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PARAPAC 2D Transport Ventilator (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Separate Controls For Tidal Volume And Frequency
* Unique CMV/Demand - Demand Feature
* Patented Mode Of Operation
* Adjustable Pressure Relief With Audible Alarm
* Air Mix Facility
* Optional PEEP Facility
* Integrated Pressure Monitoring/Alarm System
* MRI Compatible Up To 3 Tesla
* Low Gas Supply Indicator
* Pneumatically Powered
* Lightweight And Durable

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Specifications :
* Designed specifically for use by respiratory therapists, paramedics, and trained emergency personnel, paraPAC enables greater control of breathing parameters.
* The dual controls allow easy selection of tidal volume and frequency to match your patient's ventilatory requirements.
* Suitable for ventilation during emergency or controlled transportation of adults, children and infants. MRI compatibility gives maximum flexibility for transport within the hospital.


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