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PAL Pneumatic Manual Tourniquet Pump


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* The classic pneumatic tourniquet is a reliable device which is used during amputations to restrict blood circulation in the limbs.
* It has a robust and very accurate manometer to provide exact measurements and a particularly long service life.
* Sturdy metal pump to produce pressure.
* Air in the cuff can escape by opening the release valve.
* Chromium-plated metal manometer with easy-to-read aluminum scale.
* Incl. Small, Medium, Large Cuff with bladders.
* All cuffs are made of material which can be washed and disinfected.
* Soft Caring Bag.

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* PAL Pneumatic Manual Tourniquet Pump
* Package Dimensions (Length X Breadth X Height) in cms: 38x12x11
* Weight of the package in Kg's: 1 kg


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