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Oticon Swift 100+ Bte Hearing Aids

Quick Overview

* MPO: 134 dB SPL / Peak gain: 72 dB
* Digitally Programmable
* Fitting rationales:
* DSL i/o (Lin), SSM+ and Corell-2
* Class D Amplifier
* A-Gram slope control (4th order LF or HF cut)
* Hearing Level control
* (simultaneous adjustment of Gain and MPO)
* Swing hook (9 dB damped)
* DAI and FM compatible
* High immunity to cellular phone interference
* T coil

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Oticon Swift 100+ Twin Channel With Twin Mic Hearing Level Control, (Simultaneous Adjustment Of Gain And Mpo), Swing Hook (9 Db Damped), Dai And Fm Compatible, High Immunity To Cellular Phone Interference


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