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Oticon Ino D BTE Hearing Aids

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The Noise Management System Is So Important To The Users Of The Ino. Of Course, It Isn T Perfect And That S Why The Noise Management System Is So Important To The Users Of The Ino. The System Automatically Minimizes Competing Environmental Noises That Make It Difficult To Follow Speech.

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* Binaural Coordination: People with normal hearing, use both ears and the brain coordinates the two. Unfortunately, with most hearing devices, that simply doesn t happen. Binaural Coordination in Oticon Ino hearing aids synchronizes both the volume and the programs. automatically so your ears work together to give you a better listening experience. This feature is only available on the Ino Pro.
* Dynamic Feedback Cancellation (DFC2): Feedback can be embarrassing and sometimes painful. The people at Oticon understand that and offer Dynamic Feedback Cancellation in all types of Ino hearing aids. It makes the feedback disappear before you hear it, so there s no more unwanted whistling.
* Adaptive Directionality: If you want Adaptive Directionality on your Oticon Ino hearing aids, you ll have to get the Pro performance level. Adaptive Directionality analyzes the sound and differentiates between noise and important voice signals. It then automatically switches between directional and omni mode so you don t have to make any adjustments. This increases the volume in the ear toward the most important sound, speech.
* Automatic Directionality (Surround and Split): With this feature, your hearing device automatically focuses on the sound directly in front of you, so you hear conversations better.
* Bandwidth: The Oticon Ino hearing aids, whether the Pro or traditional model, have an 8khz bandwidth.
* RISE 2 Platform: The Rise 2 Platform has Amazing processing speed, and two times the power of the previous platform, RISE. You ll hear far better when you use it and consume far less power, so you won t use up the battery as quickly. Even though the speed is faster, the size of the second-generation wireless platform is far smaller, making it perfect for smaller sized hearing devices such as the mini-RITE.
* ConnectLine Enabled: You ll be able to use cell phones and other Bluetooth enabled listening devices easily when you have the Pro model of the Oticon Ino hearing aids. ConnectLine is a feature that directly connects your hearing aid to the device and turns your hearing aid into a powerful headset.
* Streamer Enabled: Another feature of the Ino Pro model is the ability to use the Streamer. The Streamer takes the signal from televisions and landlines and directs it into your hearing aid. You can increase the volume without ever making it too loud for others in the room, since only you can hear the increase


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