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Oticon Hit Pro Cic

Quick Overview

* Oticon Hit hearing aids are designed for people who want to buy a reliable, simple and affordable solution. Hit has proven features and offers to your ears clean and comfortable sound, better speech and Ambient noise reduction.
* Hit the hearing aid will help you enjoy the daily situations. Apparatus HIT - it enjoy the comfortable TV viewing, pleasant conversations on the phone, rich sound picture, reasonable price.
* Main technical characteristics of satellite series HIT PRO:
* High quality sound processing platform RISE.
* Noise reduction.
* Dynamic feedback suppression DFC2.
* Automatic Adaptation Manager - gradually increases gain to the prescribed level, and makes the process of getting used to the machine soft.
* Protection against wind noise.

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Oticon Hit Pro Cic With Automatic Adaption Manager Automatic Adaptation Manager Gradually Increases Gain To The Prescribed Level, And Makes The Process Of Getting Used To The Machine Soft. Protection Against Wind Noise. Protection Against Wind Noise.


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