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Oticon Go Pro D Vc Bte Hearing Aids

Quick Overview

* All-digital
* Nonlinear Amplification .
* Automatic operation.
* Excellent ergonomics. High reliability.
* Prompt customer perception.
* Easy Setup.
* Four Programmable channel digital signal processing.
* Adaptation Manager.
* Compatible with DAI and FM wireless systems via the DAI adapter and FM adapters.
* Directional microphone.
* Automatic feedback controller.
* Programmable volume control.
* Programmable reel.
* Fine-tuning the Programwith sound and pictures.
* Setting Method NAL-NL 1.
* Six adjustment knobs.

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Noise Reduction: use noise reduction system based on the modulation of speech provides comfort in noise.
Public Hearing Aid: combining larger valve openings with Dynamic feedback inhibition provides the customer more positive perception of their own voice and clean, improved sound quality.
Outdoor liner Corda: machine can be equipped with a liner to Corda open fittings with a good sound quality. Available options caps Open Dome, Plus Dome and individual liner.
Focus: a special system manually switchable directivity has two modes: a comprehensive fixed and that provides the best value for the speech to noise.
Enhanced battery drawer: a modified upper part of the cover of the cabinet and reinforced steel bar the battery compartment extends lifespan


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