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Oticon Acto Pro Power BTE(WL)

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* Oticon ACTO PRO POWER BTE With Acto, you get the features you need for clear and comfortable sound in our full range of styles and colors.
* Acto s premium set of Oticon technologies includes the ability of both hearing instruments to communicate wirelessly with each other to reduce unwanted noise and maintain speech volume.
* With both ears in sync, you get a more comfortable and more understandable listening experience. The sound you need; the comfort you want

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Oticon Offers The Streamer.Acto S Premium Set Of Oticon Technologies Includes The Ability Of Both Hearing Instruments To Communicate Wirelessly With Each Other To Reduce Unwanted Noise And Maintain Speech Volume. With Both Ears In Sync, You Get A More Comfortable And More Understandable Listening Experience.


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