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Osiris 2 Transport Ventilator

Quick Overview

* Osiris 2 transport ventilator is light and easy to use.
* It is highly shock-resistant in all conditions, with 10-hours battery life allows healthcare staff to stay on the go.
* Robust and easy to use, Osiris is recommended by many medical teams.
* Spirometry measurement
* Light and easy-to-use portable ventilator
* Proven robustness: highly shock-resistant, to be used in all conditions
* Long battery life: 10 hours continuous operation
* Controlled Mechanical Ventilation or Assist Controlled Mechanical Ventilation with integrated PEEP with: - either pure oxygen - or an air/oxygen mixture OSIRIS 2 Spontaneous Ventilation with Pressure Support and PEEP, which may be applied non-invasively using a mask; this being done in a controlled pressure safety mode

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* Size (L x H x D): 250 x 210 x 170 mm
* Weight: 5 kg
* Gas consumption of unit itself: 1 L/min
* Pneumatic supply: 2.8 to 6 bar
* Internal power supply: NiCd battery pack
* Battery autonomy: 10 h
* Time to charge battery : 10 h
* AC/DC mains power supply adapter
* Input : 230 V/50 Hz
* Output: 15 V/6 W
* CMV-ACMV peak flow rate : 100 L/min


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