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Oro Autoclave Impression Tray ITA

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Oro Autoclave Impression Tray is used to carry, confine & control the impression material from the patient's mouth.
Product Code ITA (Autoclave)
Color Green
Quantity 10 Pcs/Box, 56 Box/Case
Size #1 Large Upper, #2 Large Lower, #3 Medium Upper, #4 Medium Lower, #5 Small Upper, #6 Small Lower, #7 Up R/Low L, #8 Up L/Low R, #9 Anterior Upper, #10 Anterior Lower, #11 Assorted

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  • Rigid material to generate consistent impressions
  • Trays are distortion-free
  • Pre-shaped & readily trimmed
  • Flame softened for adjustment
  • Handles are non-slip grips and are compatible with impression materials
  • Autoclave material up to 121°C
  • Ergonomic design
  • Uniquely design trays
  • Smooth surface for maximum comfort
  • Durable plastic


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