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Ophthalmic Kit

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<b>Ophthalmic Kit Contains :</b>
* Cover Back Table: 140*140 cm
* Drape OPH: 40*60 cm
* Spears Eye Micro sponge, SHP 10s
* Crescent, MVR Knives
* Gauze Swab 12ply XRY 7.5*7.5cm
* Wipe Instrument
* Pad Eye Oval Packed: 56*70cm
* Syringe LL 3 part, 3ml
* Sponge Gauze 8ply, 13thr 10*10cm
* Applicator Cotton tip: 15cm
* Needle Hypodermic: 45*13mm (26g*1/2)
* Bag Drawstring
* Needle: 80*40 mm (21g*1-1/2)

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* Ophthalmic Kit


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