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Operation Table - Hydraulic (FC-9001)

Quick Overview

* Five sections S.S. top with large perianal cutout for drainage tray, built in kidney bridge
* Height adjustable through a Single Action Hydraulic pump Controlled by a Foot pedal
* Fully S.S. covered base mounted on Heavy duty Castors with auto floor locking system
* Detachable leg section for easy lithotomic positioning
* All the operating positions including Proctology, Lithotomy, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg, Lateral tilt, Flex/Reflex and Chair Position, etc. can obtained from either side of the table by working of different handles
* Radio-translucent top provides easy convenience for x-ray procedures
* The table is finished with extra head, permanent finish oven baked paint and all the accessories are of Stainless Steel

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* Operation Table - Hydraulic (FC-9001)
* Standard Accessories: Anesthetic frame, Padded side supports, Intravenous arm board, Padded shoulder supports, Lithotomic leg holder with straps
* Optional Accessories: Water proof rubber mattress, Radio-graphic top, Orthopedic attachments, Neurosurgical Attachment (Mayfield, Sugita, Horse shoe), Spine Frame attachment, Hand surgery attachment


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