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Olympus Trinocular Microscope Model CX33

Quick Overview

Features :
* Uniform Illumination with Consistent Color Temperature
* Excellent Optical Performance for Flat Images
* Contrast Enhancement with Simple Aperture Stop Operation
* Best Microscope Observation with Fixed Koehler Illumination.
* Single-Handed Sample Placement
* Smooth Magnification Change
* Ergonomically-Positioned Focus Knob
* Ergonomic Stage and Eyepiece Position
* Specimen Holders that Match Your Observation Style

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Specification :
Observation Method Brightfield
* Illuminator Transmitted Koehler Illuminator LED Lamp
* Focus Focusing Mechanism Stage Focus
* Features Coarse adjustment limit stopper
Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knob
* Revolving Nosepiece Manual Standard Type Built-in 4 position
* Stage Mechanical Mechanical Stages with Right-Hand Control
* Dimensions 211 (W) x 397 (D) x 430 (H) mm
* Weight Approx. 7.0 kg


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