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Nulife Latex Surgical Gloves Sterile Powder free Beadless (Ultra Nulife)

Quick Overview

• Bead-less cuff for improved gown grip and to prevent roll down
• Micro rough surface for better instrument grip during operation
• Reinforced cuff area to prevent tearing while donning gloves
• Enhanced comfort and flexibility
• Optimum moisture content: cuts down risk of electro-surgery shocks
• Packed in special Kangaroo wrap
• Packed in peel-open pouch for easy peelability

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Product Information
• Material :- Natural Rubber Latex
• Colour :- Creamy White
• Design :- Hand Specific, Beadless Cuff, Micro rough textured
• Powder content :- 2mg max per one piece of gloves
• Extractable Protein Level :- < 50 micro gram/ dm2 per piece of gloves.
• Sterilization :- Ethylene Oxide / Gamma irradiated as per customer requirement
• Shelf Life :- 3 years from the date of manufacture.


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