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Niscomed AED Trainer AED-2JT

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Features :
* It is completely compliant with AHA 2005 new guidelines, and preconfigured with 10 training scenarios that simulate realistic sudden cardiac arrest episodes.
* With 2 different connectors (Yellow & White), it can be used with real human body, and manikins or used separately, both of these two connectors can give response to check if the pads connection is firm or poor.
* It includes the DC and AUDIO Interfaces, the former can connect the adapter (that s to say, XFT@AED Trainer can be operated by not only batteries but also the adapter), while the AUDIO out can connect the speaker, it's very helpful for instructors during teaching
* It can be set bilingual, any language is available.
* Remote Control.

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Specifications :
* Niscomed AED Trainer AED-2JT


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