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Nipro Dialyzer Elisio 15M

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Nipro Dialyzer Elisio is designed to function more like the human kidney to deliver better clearance performance.
Product Code 15M
Material Polymers Not Containing BPA Or DEHP
Effective Surface Area 1.5 m2
Priming Volume 91 ml
Effective Length 259 mm
Inner Diameter 200 ?
Membrane Thickness 40 ?
Maximum TMP 500 mm Hg
Membrane Material Polynephron
Housing And Header Material Polypropylene
Potting Compound Material Polyurethane
Sterilization Method Dry Gamma
Package 24 Pcs/Box

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  • More homogenous pore sizes
  • Better clearances of uremic toxins and low molecular weight proteins like ?2-microglobulin and myoglobin
  • Limited loss of important proteins such as albumin
  • Unique ripple structure inside the dialyzer creates more homogenous flow, enhancing small molecule clearances
  • Ultra smooth polyurethane cut surface minimizes risk of blood cell damage and clotting, resulting in better rinseback to patients
  • Improved header shape with redesigned caps to optimize blood flow dynamics
  • Header caps are permanently attached, eliminating unexpected removal or reuse
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Better contact between dialysate and blood compartment, and higher package density
  • Reduces the risk of fiber leakage
  • Improved mechanical strength of the fibers
  • 3D-structure of the membrane
  • Well-balanced mix of hydrophobic (reddish) and hydrophilic (bluish) domains reduces membrane fouling


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