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Newtech ANGIO kit (Customized)

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Features :
o I.V. Set non-vented (1 Pc.)
* I.V. Set vented (1 Pc.)
* Manifold 2 Port R/On (1 Pc.)
o Normal Syringe 10 mL (2 Pc.)
o Syringe 10 mL Luer Lock (2 Pc.)
o Pressure Monitoring Line 100cm (1 Pc.)
o Pressure Monitoring Line 20cm (1 Pc.)
GMDN: 16545
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Specification : * ClearKit Angio Kit, it is a standard kit and the components
are listed below with the quantity mentioned in the kit.
* We can also make customized kit as per the requirement of the
client in quantity.

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