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Neuro care


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Features :
* The south magnetic lines are attracted by north magnetic lines creating the magnetic field inside your head.
* The total magnetic field has ~2,400 gauss per pole.
* Using the Neuro Healer Magnetic Headband Device for half an hour a day will benefit your health due to the increase in blood flow in the area where it is applied.
* This provokes a chain of metabolic reactions, thus balancing the acidic pH to neutral, which liberates oxygen.
* With the Super Healer Device for Head Massage you will be increasing with the circular movements, the reaction of the bipolar cells in the blood that with their content of iron will turn looking to align with the poles, these are energized, resulting in a better oxygenation.

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Specifications :
* The Neuro Healer Kit is an investment towards your health. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your living.
* It s a NON-INVASIVE, NON-ADICTIVE outpatient alternative, without any collateral effect which uses a permanent magnetic field to stimulate function in brain regions know to affect mood.


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