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Neotech Orchid 3000 Transport Baby Incubator

Quick Overview

* Servo Skin & Servo Air Mode Control
* Centrifugal Blower for fresh gas
* Large Front & Side Access doors
* ICU Stainless Steel Trolley (Standard)
* Auto-Loading Stainless Steel Trolley
GMDN: 35121
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* Microprocessor Controlled System with Air and Skin Modes of operation.
* Displays Air / Skin Temperature simultaneously with Set temperature.
* Feather Touch operation with large digital display and comprehensive alarms.
* Memory backup to restore set temperature and control mode automatically in the event of power failure.
* An integral and withdrawable baby tray to aid resuscitation during transport.
* Internal battery Backup for 4 hours minimum. Operates both on AC and DC currents, with visual indication for battery power status and power sources.
* Collapsible stainless steel stand with shock absorbers.
* Dual Thermistor Temperature Probes, with accuracy of +0.2°C, to minimize down time and ensure accuracy. Probe interchangeable without calibration.
* Automatic Heater cut off if air / skin temperature inside the incubator exceeds 39° C.

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