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NeoKraft LED Phototherapy Stand with Trolley Neo 210

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• LED Phototherapy with high bright super flux LED based unit,
• 12 high bright LED lamps specially made for phototherapy treatment ,
• LED life time almost 25 time more life than any other conventional phototherapy lamps, Fifty thousand burning hours or six years whichever earlier.
• LED driver : energy saving specially made SMPS electronic Driver,
• Treatment maximum irradiance at Skin level up to 30µw/cm2/nm at 30cm with wave length 420 to 500nm,
• Timer digital timer for total lamp usage and patient exposure,
GMDN: 35239
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• Phototherapy stand Heavy duty mobile stand mounted on four antiskid castors with height adjustable facility,
• Source Box : Made With FRR Fiber,
• Detachable multipurpose baby trolley with provision for undersurface phototherapy unit,
• Baby tray MS Powder Coated with four sides Clear Acrylic Panels, Front and Both Sides Collapsible with Tilting Facility, Clear Acrylic Base for under surface Phototherapy with X –Ray cassette compartment,
• Power requirement – 230V/50Hz
Power consumption – 50 watts Maximum


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