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Nellcor N-600x Pulse Oximeter (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

Features :
Display Type
* vacuum fluorescent & LEDs. Display are: 140.6mm x 35mm. Resolution: 256 x 64 pixels. Pixel size: 0.4 x 0.4 mm
Controls and Indicators
* Front panel: on/standby; freeze; menu; pulse tone volume, up and down; alarm off; alarm off indicator; battery charging indicator; function keys (4), software configured. Rear panel: mains AC power ON/OFF control.
* Front panel: connector for mainstream CO2 sensor cable; connector for SpO2 cable. Rear panel: power cord receptacle; fuse block; RS-232 input/ output port; C-lock ECG synchronization input (3/32⬠ mono phone jack).
Capnograph Display Range
* 0-99 mmHg. Breath rate: 0-150 breaths/min. Accuracy: ±2 mmHg for 0-40 mmHg, ±5% of reading (increasing linearity 0.8% for every 10 mmHg) for 41-99 mmHg. Response time: less then 60 ms. Alarms: apnea; sensor dis connect; high/low ETCO2; high/low breath rate; high/low inspired CO2.
Pulse Oximeter Display Ranges
* 0-100% SpO2, 20-250 beats/min pulse rate. Accuracy: Adults: 70%-100% ±2 digits, 0-69% unspecified; Neonates: 70%-95% ±2%, 0-69% unspecified. Wavelengths: 660 nm (red, nominal); 920 mm (infrared, nominal). Heat dissipation: non-heated: less than 50 mW total heat dissipation by LEDs (typically less than 1° C temperature rise). Alarms: pulse search; high/low SpO2; high/low pulse rate; SpO2 sensor disconnect.
Co2 Sensor Type
* mainstream. Size: <12.5 mm3 (0.5 in3). Weight: less than 10 grams. Cable length: 3 meters (9.84 feet). Calibration: annual accuracy check; no user calibration required. Temperature: 42°C nominal
Electrical Power requirements
* 00/120V ~, 50/60 Hz, 500 mA; 220/240V ~, 50/60 Hz, 250 mA. Digital/Ana log input voltage: ±30 VDC, maximum. Leakage current: 10 μA maximum (for 110V; 20 μA maximum for 220V) from patient connections to ground or AC mains; 100 μA maximum from AC mains to chassis ground.
Battery Type
* Sealed lead acid. Operating time (fully charged): 90 min. nominal, 180 min.without graphics. Recharge period: 12 hrs typical. Charger type: internal, current limited, constant voltage.Battery fuse: 1XT 2.5 A, 250V, 3 AG.
AC Fuses
* 100/120 V ~ 1 XT 1.0 A, 250V, 3AG; 220/240 V~ 2 X T 0.5 A, 5x20 mm

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Specifications :
* The Nellcor N-600x pulse Oximeter with OxiMaxâ ¢ technology delivers exceptional performance throughout the hospital, so you can confidently monitor even your most critically ill patients.
* While some Oximeter may have trouble acquiring a pulse signal during low perfusion and signal interference, the Nellcor N-600x Pulse Oximeter with OxiMax technology achieves accurate, reliable readings during these difficult conditions.
* The Nellcor N-600x pulse Oximeter includes our unique Sat Seconds alarm management technology to safely reduce nuisance alarms that can interfere with staff productivity.
* CO2/SpO2 with waveform,
* Microprocessor-controlled instrument for continuous real-time monitoring for oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), end tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2), and respiratory rate (RR).


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