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NCC Patient Monitor X1 Multi-Parameter

Quick Overview

• Powerful module fuctions: Six parameter module(Optional double IBP parameters), expandable EEG/PSG Module and ETCO2 module
• Modular design, support hot swap module change, have powerful upgrade function, convenient for medical staff to assemble relative module according to different situatio
• 7'' LCD display. Full screen to display real-time monitoring data and waveform, screen fully utilized.
• BP Measurement: using advanced dual-transducer and dual air-channel testing technology which renders accurate BP measurement and safe protection to patient.
• Audible and visual alarm function, timely and accurately, easy to identify the abnormal cases.
• The bedside monitor have network interface, and able to link with central monitoring system via wire or wireless(web card) connection. Constitute different scales of monitoring center according to different application requirement.
• EEG/PSG module including EEG, Airflow, thoracic respiration, Abdominal, Snoring, EOG, EMG
• EEG/PSG signal collection via EEG/PSG module directly or via professional EEG amplifier,it transfer signal to EEG/PSG module by wireless bluetooth technology which renders excellent anti-jamming capability.
• Routine monitoring function: such as EEG, BAEM, etc.

GMDN: 36349
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• NCC Patient Monitor X1 Multi-Parameter


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